Tuesday, 4 October 2016

He spends the day in a g-string for me

Long time no post from me. Life has been interesting to say the least and done quite the number on me. Blogging among many other things has been the least of my priorities unfortunately. As always, I hope that you have been well. It seems surreal that it is already October. One of my favourite questions, where has time flown to! Hahaha! With a lot going on in my life and certain changes coming up. I have been debating whether I should indefinitely take a break from blogging or get rid of my blog altogether. I am leaning towards the former and time will tell. Should I settle on the latter, I will at least see to it that I finish some pending posts such as my relationship with Wall Street Sub and my meeting with CEO Sissy before I take the blog down.

I currently am single, not pursuing anyone nor actively looking. While it would be lovely to have a cultured, intelligent, alpha by day and in public and submissive by night and in private man, there are certain aspects of my life taking precedence. In an interesting turn of events however, SS reappeared in my life.

I thought my eyes were deceiving me when I got a chat message notification from him a while back. I had not heard from him in a while and didn't expect it to. He had sent me a one liner hello message which I forgot to reply to. In the almost three years, he had gone through a major change that I was a bit offended he had not shared with me earlier given that we had been friends, leave alone in a D/s relationship. As I had shared in the post addressing the end of our relationship, we never got around to discussing our feelings, what led to the breakup etc in detail. We skirted around it and since it made us uncomfortable, we avoided it altogether.

Monday, 30 May 2016

The allure of a submissive man, what's not to love

As mentioned in my previous post, I revealed my attraction to submissive men and kinky side to my very vanilla friend. With this revelation came all sorts of questions, the main ones being, why would I be attracted to a submissive man and why would a man submit. Men submit for different reasons and in this post, my submissive friends explained why they do.

There are a lot of misconceptions about submissive men, she mentioned a few of them. Submissive men are often portrayed as weak, spineless, doormats, among many other negative stereotypes. This could not be further from the truth. Submission is not timidity, servility, docility or a sign of weakness. Submission is a sign of strength, one that requires and takes a great and admirable deal of courage, confidence, self-awareness, honesty, humility and maturity. It takes a confident man to feel safe and secure enough to admit his desire to give over control to a lady and actually let her have that control. The submissive men I have had the honour and fortune of meeting, knowing, befriending or dating are some of the most confident, self-assured, intelligent, well balanced and successful men I know.

Society demands men to be masculine, take constant charge however, a submissive man's deepest emotional and erotic needs and desires lie in him sacrificing his alpha male ego, offering himself to a strong, erotically powerful lady. He is no different from any other man. He simply thrives in a structured environment, one where he feels more comfortable and intimate. Submission is his expression of love, affection, romance and even his sexuality.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Happy Very Belated New Year?

Happy Belated Belated New Year once again! This year I am 3.5 months late to the (very belated) party eh! I hope that you have been well, had fun holidays with your loved ones, started the year off on an amazing note and are maintaining the momentum. May 2016 be great, positive, abundant and prosperous for all of you.

I truly appreciate those who still visited my blog despite the lack of activity and especially those of you who wrote to check up on me. All has been well, I just have not really been up to blogging and more important things have taken precedence. Life has been very interesting. It has a funny way of forcing you to make changes after giving you so many chances to embrace the change, yet you choose to run away. Certainty, complacency, security, surety these feel so much better than uncertainty, chasing ambitious dreams. Some major changes have taken place in my personal life, much needed changes that have pushed me close and closer to my dreams that I can literally see, taste and feel them. It has not been easy but given the results trickling in, it's getting more and more worth it. Last year was a year of introspection, one not per se of movement but this year is starting to buzz with great activity, prospects and opportunities. I asked for big dreams, well that introspection helped to prime me mentally, emotionally and spiritually for their realisation.

Relationship wise, there have been some interesting bouts of activity and then quiet as my attention has been focused on the above mentioned changes.

As predicted, nothing came of me and The Professor. Interestingly, it was not because of what I initially thought was the reason for the friction between us: his wanting me to open up very intimately and me thinking that I was not ready to open up that way. I shortly after discovered that I was ready to open up and very intimately, depending on the person, and The Professor was not the kind of person I felt comfortable opening up to that way. He however remains a valuable friend as a mentor.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Fond lusty memories of Nurse Lee

Mid last week I started sounding nasally, as though I had a cold. I did not think much of it as I was not exhibiting any symptoms. I however inwardly rebuked any signs of a cold as a just in case. Alas, this past weekend, I did not just come down with a cold but the flu. Body aches, sinus pressure and congestion, coughs, it certainly has not been fun and it is times like these that I miss having a special someone to provide much needed TLC, take care of me and nurse me back to health.

Speaking of being taken care of and provided with TLC, for some reason my mind has roamed to the gutter and I have found myself reminiscing about a couple of years ago when I was ill and received a special naughty visit from Nurse Lee. Lee was the second lady I was involved with a couple of years ago. I met her before Katja. I will introduce her properly down the line and as soon as I feel better, I will continue my post on my meeting with CEO Sissy. This was written then.

“Long time no hear,” the text message read. An instant smile crept up on my face.

“Yeah, its been a while. Sorry for the silence. Summer doesn’t seem to be treating me kindly this time around. I’ve been unwell, slowly getting better though.” I replied.

“Whats wrong babe?” 

“I’ve got the flu and an upper respiratory tract infection.” 

“Oh no! You should have let me know earlier. I would have seen to it that Nurse Lee came to check on you and hopefully nurse you to better health in no time,” she answered making me smile even harder.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

A rather paradoxical lunch

He sat across me in our booth in the rather packed steakhouse yesterday, a result of an unexpected lunch invitation. What he was talking about I cannot remember. All I can remember was the cheeky grin on my face and desire to make him wince a little.

He was slightly startled when my legs parted his abruptly under the table. Up and down I rubbed my legs against his parted jeans clad legs. There were brief pauses in his words but he churned out coherent sentences. I nodded my head in agreement, pretending to intently listen to what he was saying, pretending that I had nothing to do with what was going under the table.

The change of heart was rather interesting. Half an hour before I had decided that we were not going to pursue anything. I had already started mentally writing my Dear John letter to him even before lunch was over. I had all along known that he was a certain age however I just learned that he was 7 years older than he had originally led me to believe. It was a bit of a deal-breaker however if I was to be honest, that was not it. 

I now remember what he was trying to explain to me, what he found paradoxical about me. Interestingly, my reason for not wanting to pursue things further with him was rather paradoxical in itself. His assertions of dominance at times were unnecessary, almost like he was trying to overcompensate for something but that was not it. He made me uncomfortable. He knew what buttons to push. He wanted a deep kind of honesty not just in a sexual and kinky sense but a vanilla one. He wanted to be a good friend and irrespective of how things would turn out, he had already decided that he wanted to be in my life, if I wanted him to be, as he felt he would be able to help me in different regards, particularly career wise as he had had a very successful one.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Excitement, nerves, meeting CEO Sissy

"What's your evening like? Want to have dinner?" CEO Sissy asked me on Gmail chat while thousands of feet in the sky on his flight to my city. The joys of in-flight WiFi.

He had been flying to different cities, across time zones and mixed up his arrival time. He realised that he would actually be in Atlanta earlier than he had expected.

The dinner invitation was a tad bold and sooner than expected. We were to see each other the following day. That had been the plan, what we had been building up to, what we were prepared for and now that was about to change.

I almost said no. Suddenly surety was replaced by a tiny hint of nervousness and anxiety. Was I ready to finally meet him? It seemed soon. A part of me almost backed out however another part kicked me into action. I was supposed to meet him in a day, what difference did a day earlier make? I was still going to meet him.

I was able to move my evening around and soon found myself on my way to him, trying to beat the rush hour traffic. It didn't help that it lightly rained, making the traffic even worse. I may have initially cursed the fact that my GPS decided to die on me just as I was leaving my place and had to resort to using Google Maps on my phone however I came to greatly appreciate this later because having to follow instructions on my phone, not miss any exits, navigate the busy highway took my mind off the nerves that were dancing around in me.

As I drove through the financial district, closer to his hotel, reality slowly sunk in. It set in when I handed over my car to the valet and walked into the luxurious hotel lobby. My heart pounded a bit. Yes, dominants get equally nervous before the first meeting haha. Was I ready for it? What would it be like? Could I really be with a sissy? Should I have waited for the following day to meet him? How did I get here? I questioned repeatedly.

How did I get there? That was an interesting question.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Self pleasuring in a sexy ride

As promised in my previous post, Silencing him with a facesitting, here is the first part of one of my most memorable swinging experiences with Katja. Is it me or am I doing a bit better at honoring my blogging promises? Lol. There are two posts between this and that post. I will have some spare time next week to post them in a chronological manner and maybe properly post about my very interesting relationship with Wall Street Sub and my brief friendship/play with CEO Sissy. 

My hormones were dancing, head racing from the alcohol as it all mixed with the speed at which Katja was driving. I leaned back in the comfortable leather passenger's seat to compensate for the lurching I was forced to endure as she sped through the meandering roads.

I could have put on the seat belt but I took it off so that I could have less restriction to enjoy the new toy she had just kindly gifted me with: a glass dildo shaped like a cock. Clear and very sleek looking, it was a case of love at first sight and I just had to have it in me.

“Play with yourself for me please,” she encouraged me in a tone she knew I could not resist.

I definitely was planning on. I was after all in the most luxurious car I had ever ridden in and I had just been gifted an equally luxurious toy. It would be a shame to let such a moment pass by without making the most of it. Or should I say the naughty of it. The car itself was sex on wheels and it would have been a shame not to have sex on those wheels, even if it was by myself.

In a dress sans panties, I had easy access to my sex. I parted my legs and started slowly circling my clit with one hand. The other hand unhooked my bra and once my breasts were free of its confines, my hands played with my nipples, teasing them and getting them very hard. Her hand reached out for one nipple while the other directed the steering wheel.