Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Fond lusty memories of Nurse Lee

Mid last week I started sounding nasally, as though I had a cold. I did not think much of it as I was not exhibiting any symptoms. I however inwardly rebuked any signs of a cold as a just in case. Alas, this past weekend, I did not just come down with a cold but the flu. Body aches, sinus pressure and congestion, coughs, it certainly has not been fun and it is times like these that I miss having a special someone to provide much needed TLC, take care of me and nurse me back to health.

Speaking of being taken care of and provided with TLC, for some reason my mind has roamed to the gutter and I have found myself reminiscing about a couple of years ago when I was ill and received a special naughty visit from Nurse Lee. Lee was the second lady I was involved with a couple of years ago. I met her before Katja. I will introduce her properly down the line and as soon as I feel better, I will continue my post on my meeting with CEO Sissy. This was written then.

“Long time no hear,” the text message read. An instant smile crept up on my face.

“Yeah, its been a while. Sorry for the silence. Summer doesn’t seem to be treating me kindly this time around. I’ve been unwell, slowly getting better though.” I replied.

“Whats wrong babe?” 

“I’ve got the flu and an upper respiratory tract infection.” 

“Oh no! You should have let me know earlier. I would have seen to it that Nurse Lee came to check on you and hopefully nurse you to better health in no time,” she answered making me smile even harder.

“I could do with some TLC from Nurse Lee but I don’t think she wants to be around a coughing patient with the sniffles and a runny nose.” 

“It will take more than that to prevent her from carrying out her duties. She’s seen far worse cases anyway. Should she pass by say around 3pm?” 

“That would be nice if a home visit wont be too much of an inconvenience.” 

“Not for you. I’ll see you at 3,” she confirmed.

True to her word, she was outside my gate at 3pm. I let her in. I wanted to kiss her. It had been far too long but it probably wouldn’t be a good idea in my condition.

Once inside, she kissed me on the cheek and said, “Poor thing, you don’t look good. Lets get you back in bed. Nurse Lee will take good care of you.” She led me back to my room and tucked me into my bed. 

She excused herself and came back in a sexy white nurse’s outfit. I couldn’t help but burst out in laughter. It was a much needed laugh. Where had she got a nurse’s outfit from? She was really taking her role as a nurse seriously or maybe she was a nurse and I didn’t know.

“I see my visit is already doing you some good,” she said pleased with herself. “Hopefully by the time I’m done with you, you’ll be in better health.”

She looked so inviting and incredible in her nurse’s outfit. I am not one to be attracted to uniforms but how could I not be turned on by her crisp white dress which was quite short, hugging all her curves, seamed white stockings, white hat with a red cross in the middle and not forgetting her white heels? A fortunate patient, I was being treated to such a delicious sight.

She left a few buttons open and my eyes caught a glimpse of her beautiful breasts. It was hard to tell whether she had a bra on but as she walked toward my bed, I realised that she didn’t have one on.

“Lets get you more comfortable and sit you up so that you can explain to me what’s wrong and I can examine you,” she told me as she bent over me and helped me sit up on some pillows. I was afforded an even better opportunity to stare into her uniform and admire her breasts. I had seen them numerously before but I never got tired of admiring them.

“I’d like to give you a full examination. A thorough one,” she said, “Tell me whats wrong.”

“I’ve been fluish, feverish and congested,” I answered.

“For how long?” She asked.

“A week or so,” I answered.

“Perhaps having a difficult time acclimatising after being out of the country for a while?” She asked.

“Could be,” for a second I forgot that this was just play. Or was it?

“Let me take your temperature,” she said as she reached for the thermometer I had on my bedside shelf next to my medication from the doctor I had visited earlier in the week.

“Under my armpit or tongue?” I asked.

“I think we will get a more accurate reading if we insert it vaginally,” she said.

I almost burst out laughing but practised restraint. I hadn’t had much success with roleplay in the past and didn’t want to ruin things. I wanted desperately to see what would come of this nurse’s appointment.

“You’ll have to take off your clothes so that I can also examine each part of your body,” she told me. 

I wanted to laugh yet again but I didn’t and let her help me take off my clothes. She parted my legs, traced the thermometer between my thighs slowly and finally slid it in me. Its coolness felt good inside me and an involuntary moan escaped my lips.

She asked for my wrist and felt my pulse as she stared at her watch like she was taking a true reading. Or maybe she was.

The thermometer beeped and she took it out.

“You really are hot,” she exclaimed. “I think you should go sit in the pool to cool down. A fever isn’t good for you. Your heart rate is a bit low. Perhaps we should raise it before going to cool you down. For that I recommend a special type of syrup which I’ll administer directly from the source. I know you are terrified of injections but I’m afraid you will need one. It wont hurt though, I promise,” she elaborated my special treatment plan and why she saw it fit.

She pushed me on the bed and got on top of me. She mounted my face delicately. I was waiting to be greeted by a white pair of panties under her uniform donning a wet patch but behold, she had no panties on. What a naughty nurse! I wanted to spank her. I would when I was in better health. It was always delightful bending her over and spanking her delectable bum. She lowered her beautiful neatly trimmed mound on my face. She was dripping and advised me to get every drop of the syrup as it would be good for my health. Greedily I obeyed her, licked and sucked her. She moaned loudly with each lick and suck.

“That’s enough, we don’t want you overdosing on your treatment, now do we? She asked.

“No,” I said to her rather unamused by her interrupting me just as I was getting into it.

“My, what a mess you have made taking your syrup. Let me help clean you up,” she said as she got off me and gave me a passionate sloppy kiss licking the syrup remnants on my face. My heart was racing, threatening to pop out of my chest.

“Let's feel your pulse. It should have raised by now,” she said as she held my wrist again and took a reading. “It seems to have worked,” she said enthusiastically. “Should we proceed to the pool to help lower your fever?”

“Sure,” I said as I wondered what the pool therapy would involve. “Should I put on a swimsuit?”

“It will be best if you are naked. You’ll cool down faster,” she answered.

I followed her outside to the pool area in the backyard. She helped me get in the pool and when she saw that I was comfortably seated in the inbuilt seat, she took off her outfit. I have to admit I hated seeing it go but I definitely loved the sight of her beautiful naked body better.

She joined me in the pool, pouring water all over me using her hands and gently massaging me any and everywhere she could get her hands. She was really testing me and I was soon going to fail. I needed more, I had to have more!

She excused herself yet again looking so sexy as the water dripped off her body. I wasn’t going to let her get away again when she came back. I lazed around the pool when I heard, “Its time for your special injection. I think you are now ready for it. It has to be administered once the fever has been lowered and the pulse isn’t too low. It can only be injected vaginally though,” she told me.

My jaw almost dropped to the floor. She stood infront of me with a strapon black cock dangling in between her legs. Either she had carefully planned this and was dying to make it a reality or she had the wildest imagination and sense of spontaneity. I came to learn that it was mostly the latter and our compatibility in that regard made us a great match. 

It finally made sense why she came over a rather bulky bag. I wondered what other surprises it contained.

“Let me guess I have to get it wet for it to slide inside me easily and not hurt?” I teased her. 

“You are right. It seems you aren’t new to this kind of injection eh?” She asked.

“I have had a couple before,” I told her.

She sat on the edge of the pool and spread her legs for me to suck her strapon. She told me, “I wouldn’t like to hurt you so you should lick it nice, hard and wet.”

Hungrily I sucked it like it was a real cock and she served it deep into my mouth as she warmly patted my head and told me what a good patient I was. Interestingly this would be the first time she used a strapon on me. She had always been on the receiving end prior to this.

“Its time for your injection. Try and relax, it wont hurt if you do,” she told me as she got on the pool deck.

“How many shots?” I asked her biting my lip.

“Definitely more than one and they will be administered very fast,” she answered me. “It will be best if you got out of the water and bent over on the pool deck for easier administration.”

I quivered with excitement as I got out of the water, got on all fours and awaited my special injection. This was just what the doctor ordered.

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