Pleasure, pain, passion and power

Subnumber1 (his Fetlife and Collarme handles), a dear friend sent me a short story of what he would like to experience in a femdom relationship. It resonates with me on so many levels as it describes what I would also like to experience. It is not your typical femdom story in which the submissive is degraded, seen as worthless and no emotional or intellectual connection exists between him and his domme as she uses him. He is rather celebrated, loved and his submission greatly cherished. There is an intimate personal connection between him and his domme.

I was to continue the story, giving it my own flavor and send it back to him so that he could add on it and so forth thus sharing our fantasies. Life unfortunately got in the way and I didn’t have the time or feel like doing this as much as I wanted to. Given that I have started my blog and somewhat have the time, this is the perfect opportunity to pick off where we left off.

‘Pleasure, pain, passion and power’ is the name of the story. It is about Ava and Mark who embark on a loving vanilla relationship powered by a strong D/s bond. The power exchange between them is a partnership based on an amazing mixture of acceptance, affection, exploration, vulnerability and mutual growth. It will feature my favourite femdom interests: submission to female authority, servitude, body worship, orgasm control, strapon play, tease and denial, reward and punishment and obedience training. I will also push some of my limits by introducing some of my newly discovered interests: chastity, corporal discipline, light sadism and light watersports.

‘The trial weekend’ is originally written by Subnumber1. I asked for his permission to edit it and make some changes to make it flow with the rest of the story. He agreed to this. When I started off, the changes were meant to be minor but as I continued editing, they took a rather unexpected direction. What was originally around 10 pages has now become 60 and counting pages. I did not wish to offend him so I asked him what he thought and felt about the not so minor changes. I was thrilled when he said that he loves how I put my own twist to his idea, make it flow and reading my additions really feels fresh to him and leaves him waiting for the next part.

Each part of the story will turn pink once I post it. I am currently working on them and this is just a little teaser of what is to come. There may be some more additions as I continue writing.
  1. An unexpected meeting 
  2. The trial weekend : Friday ~ Cunnilingus, Sex
  3. The trial weekend : Saturday Part 1 ~ Cunnilingus
  4. The trial weekend : Saturday Part 2 ~ Cunnilingus, Foot Worship, Light Bondage, Punishment
  5. The trial weekend : Saturday Part 3 ~ Ass Worship, Cunnilingus, Facesitting, Light Bondage, Massage
  6. The trial weekend : Saturday Part 4 ~ Cunnilingus, Facesitting, Handjob, Light Bondage, Punishment
  7. The trial weekend : Sunday Part 1 ~ Light Bondage, Masturbation, Punishment, Sensory Deprivation, Teasing
  8. The trial weekend : Sunday Part 2 ~ Blowjob, Handjob, Massage, Ruined Orgasm, Tease and Denial
  9. The trial weekend : Sunday Part 3 
  10. Baring her soul
  11. Negotiations birth a contract
  12. Caged, a cocktail party and a release
  13. Pampered and spoiled
  14. Teased and denied
  15. Popping his anal cherry
  16. An outdoors foot fuck
  17. The L word

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